material: powder-coated aluminium

ALU-PLAN® material aluminium powder-coated

standard profil: see aluminum material information

alternativ powder coating as possible:
DB-colors 701/702/703 (perl mica colors)
RAL card K7 / GZ 632
gloss ISO 2813 65-85 R/60°

on extra cost:
in "matt" gloss approx 35%

according to GSB quality community for piecework coating of building components. examining the components of the coating, visual inspection of the surface: the evaluation of the decorative appearance of surfaces in terms of uniformity of hue and structure has to be done without tools in a distance of 3.0 meters. all samples must conform in principle to gloss, color and structure. for the assessment of coating quality are uneven surfaces such as scratches, sanding marks, corrosion pits and welds without meaning.

pay attention: due to different monitor quality and screen representations the following soft color patterns are not representing the real original colors. the color codes of RAL and DB colors which shown on this page are only for decision support. all details are without guarantee. color-accurate patterns of RAL K7 colors can be ordered by RAL GmbH under